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  Consider the headlines presented below:

“Over 80% of small businesses are not saleable in their current state”
Source: U.S. Small Business Administration 2005

64% of business owners have no plan to minimize capital gain and estate taxes” Source: TNS Global Wealth Survey 2005 / PriceWaterhouse 2006

“Over 50% of business owners plan to sell within the next 15 years”
Source: MassMutal American Family Business Survey 2003

“Most Americans spend more time planning for vacations and holidays than planning for their retirement.”
Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2007

Are you considering transitioning out of your small to medium sized business sometime in the next 10 years? "If so, do you have any plans in place to accomplish 3 basic goals all business owners share:"

1. Maximize the value of your business

2. Minimize capital gains and estate or gift taxes.

3. Ready, willing and able to accept the next challenge life has to offer, financially secure and personally content.

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor is specially trained and qualified to help achieve all the goals owners identify as important when transitioning out of their business onto the next challenge life has to offer.


Cliff Olin
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