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Our Philosophy
We consider Exit and Succession Planning to be a very personal service. Our principal, Cliff Olin, CEPA is personally involved with all clients from start to finish. Certified Exit Planning Advisors are specially trained to understand all facets of the exit planning process. Experts in their field are part of the team that is formed to help the client successfully exit their business.

To put it simply, this is all about you, the business owner. Your goals and objectives are the driving force behind the entire process. Our advice is based on one underlying principle; “we recommend and do whatever is in the client’s best interest ….period.”

When operating as an Exit Planning Advisor, we are your advocate and vigorously pursue any and all options that are identified to be in your best interest. We will explore all reasonable possibilities that will further the achievement of your goals and expectations.

While business and financial success are key parts of a successfully executed Exit Plan, the client’s personal satisfaction with their life after exiting the business is equally important to us. We gain significant job satisfaction when an owner realizes his pre-exit goals and greatly enjoys his life after business.

What can a well crafted and executed exit plan do for you:
• Lowers business risks
• Avoids asset concentration
• Maximizes value of company at time of exit
• Avoids over or under valuing their company
• Preserves family wealth for later generations
• Lowers or eliminates capital gains taxes
• Creates peace of mind



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